Uganda the Pearl of Africa, is incredibly gifted by nature; from snow capped mountains, broad and green valleys dubbed the Switzerland of Africa, to hot springs crater lakes, a people that are considered the most hospitable in the region and everything in between. We have put together a short list of unmissable things to do & see while in the country. These are Uganda’s top ten attractions.

Lake Bunyonyi

When one thinks extraordinary lakes in Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi definitely tops the list. This lake is home to 29 beautiful islands with such a captivating history and weather. Boats are available for a tour of some of these and some lodgings are only accessible by boat. The scenery from any chosen lodge or boat is magnificent. In a short while, water sports and water boarding will be confirmed activities in the lake.

Kidepo Valley National Park

This remotely located game park is an unexploited gem, a true wilderness. What makes it even more special is the journey. Anyone that loves road trips would definitely love the drive to and fro Kidepo Valley. It is not congested with visitors and the only park in Uganda with no accommodation inside the park.
Kazinga boat ride.

The Kazinga is a 32km channel that connects 2 small lakes and a boat cruise on this channel is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It attracts varied species of animals and is the Centre for thirst quenching in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Bwindi Impenetrable forest is home of more than half of the remaining mountain gorillas. This of course makes it top place to get up-close and personal with the gentle giants. The trek may get you a little dirty from occasional slips to the ground but once you lock eyes with gorillas, all your troubles go away. One hour is stipulated to spend with them however there’s an option of keeping them company for 4 hours.

Ngamba Island Sanctuary

One of the most heartfelt conservation works has been put in this chimpanzee orphanage. Their mission is to sustainably conserve Chimpanzees in their habitats and provide captive care to those who cannot survive in the wild. There are a varied range of activities like feeding chimpanzees over a platform, overnight program where you get involved in chimp nest preparations, or chimpanzee naming ceremonials.

Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth

Ishasha is particularly famous for its resident tree climbing lions. Visitors flock this sector of the park just to bear witness of this behavioral adaptation. It is commonly claimed they climb as a way to escape the sizzling hot temperatures at ground level. Seeing these lions up a tree is always a pleasurable sight to behold! Ishasha had to make the list for this!

Chimpanzee tracking one of the best excursions one could every do in Uganda is the chimpanzee tracking! It’s unbelievable how close these primates can get to you. During the trek, the forest may be filled with tuneful calls, pant-hoots, screams you name it. It’s hard to describe how the chimpanzee call makes one feel.

Jinja- The Source of the River Nile

Jinja is the adventure capital of East Africa, with various activities like Bungee jump, White water rafting, quad-biking and horseback riding. But also, Jinja is home to the source of the mighty river Nile. The location is great and gives great views of the majestic river that streams from Lake Victoria.

Mt. Elgon

The eastern region is rich in activities to include Hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, camping, abseiling, rock climbing and birding. However, most of these aforementioned activities require an ardent heart. Also Mt. Elgon has the largest caldera in the world, resulting in the most unique vegetation one can ever see whilst hiking.

Kampala City

Also known as East Africa’s nightlife capital, Kampala is not a city you want to miss during your trip to Uganda. One can do a city tour to all historical sites, boda-boda tours (motorbike), walking tours and so much more.