As the world starts to recover from the effects of the pandemic and opening up borders and skies to global tourism, Uganda is boldly stating that it is tourist ready. In an effort to boost tourism in the country there has been a refreshing of its tourism destination brand promise, with the unveiling of a new brand identity that promises both domestic, regional and global tourists, an adventure of a lifetime.

The brand identity—Explore Uganda, The Pearl of Africa, was unveiled on Friday, 21st January 2022, by the country’s president, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. And it seeks to re-emphasize Uganda’s rare and precious range of tourism attractions to the world, thereby earning destination Uganda competitive market share.

‘”Uganda is no doubt beautiful. Beautiful beyond measure. Yes, everyone knew that Uganda is and has always been the Pearl of Africa, – but there was a lack of clarity and consistency on, if Uganda is the Pearl of Africa- what pearls does it have to offer for each of the various travel segments and preferences”

Before Covid-19

Before the covid-19 outbreak approximately two years ago, Uganda’s tourism sector was earning the country $1.2 Billion from 1.6m visitors. Income from foreign tourists accounted for more that 60 percent of these totals. However, with the pandemic, these figures have dropped drastically not only for Uganda but the entire world at large. It is with this background that Uganda Tourism Board has gone out to create an initiative that encourages tourists to indulge in the pearl of Africa.

Explore, Uganda the Pearl of Africa is an invitation to our tourists- both domestic, regional and international to rediscover the magnificence of the Pearl. We are promising and inviting them to Explore Uganda, The Pearl of Africa, for ADVENTURE OF THEIR LIFETIME”

While speaking at the launch, President Museveni made an appeal to the world to Explore Uganda again. In his statement he said that the country’s unique attractions guaranteed a better experience and higher return on investment. It goes without saying that Uganda is covered in (with) unmatched terrain, that has led to it being dubbed – “roof of Africa” where Lake Victoria sits, giving birth to the Mighty River Nile that flows through various Ugandan lakes on its way to Alexandria in Egypt.

Not to miss are Uganda’s abundant vegetation, temperate, climate, variety of wildlife, strategic location on the Equator, cultural diversity, community tourism, peace and security, among others. Everything in Uganda is rare and beautiful and needless to say, spread over a small geographical area.

We are back…

Uganda is getting back into the market. In fact, Uganda is tourist ready. All Tourism stakeholders are ready to help visitors indulge in the pearl of Africa. The launch of the Brand is part of a response to the recovery after this dreadful pandemic. The launch of the Destination Brand is both vital to the restarting and rebuilding of the tourism sector as it provides a positive, recognizable and firm assurance of the beauty we radiate as a people and landscape of Uganda.

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