When the word safari is mentioned, broad horizons, surreal landscapes, and untamed wilderness come to mind almost suddenly. All these may be complemented by imaginings of rare beauty, great scenery, a pleasant climate, and beautiful people! From all these, it is impossible not to pick a couple as a target for your African safari. And while preparation & planning of a safari are essential, the aim is usually the drive that pushes one out of their comfort zones to start the itinerary design process.


The word Safari is synonymous with voyage and its Swahili origins suggest as much. An African safari encounter is an exceptional opportunity to walk in the footprints of wildlife, alongside seasoned specialists while venturing into Africa’s pristine habitats. And while at it, reconnect with Mother Nature whose power unexpectedly and always unfailingly stirs our souls. There’s a calming effect that comes with watching wildlife going about their day, learning a few things about them, and even interacting with them like in the case of gorilla & chimpanzee trekking. Locking eyes with a mountain gorilla is a definite highlight and won’t leave you the same.

On a recent trip, our guide was surprised to learn the couple onboard was a long-term traveler who’d never been on safari, the current one being a first! Some friends had mentioned to them how assorted life is while on safari where each day is more remarkable than the last. Almost instantly there was a need to experience this unique world filled with matchless opportunities, hence booking a safari. Of course, the excitement to leave their comfort zones to meet the jungle residents was always veiled somewhere in their being.

Going on a safari will enable one to see the 8th Wonder of the world, the greatest wildlife show in the whole world – the wildebeest migration. This is a must-see illustration of how unique wildlife is – with over 2 million ungulates (wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles) migrating in search of green pasture and water across the Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems.  The migration safari is an excellent opportunity for photographic moments, with vast opportunities to watch vicious crocodiles attacking the crossing animals and predators waiting to pounce on unsuspecting wildebeest. The crossing happens on the Mara River and there are various crossing spots. For this safari, timing is vital plus it’s a necessity to have a well-seasoned guide on such a magnificent safari, one that knows the ecosystem like the back of their hand- Trust Us with this choice.

While still on the photography subject, the chances of getting a national geographic-worthy image are high while on Tour! From landscape, wildlife, and unique cultures, the list is endless. Wildlife photography has evolved over the years. Travelers like to film the ‘African Big 5’ which is an old hunting term; highlighting 5 big animals that were daring to shoot & kill for trophies. However, rather than speed wildlife extinction, there’s a new term that brings hope and celebrates wildlife – The New Big 5 of photography. Now you shoot wildlife with a camera and let them live.

What reasons led you into booking an African safari?

The finest reason to go on safari would be to support conservation efforts by the different countries visited. The cost of our safaris includes conservation fees like park entry, gorilla permits, and chimpanzee permits that go into conserving for generations. A gorilla permit fee, for example, includes a guide/ranger fee, park entry fee, and community development contribution. Additionally, most safaris offer lodging that is environmentally responsible hence contributing positively to nature and local communities.

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