Dubbed the true African wilderness…

Kidepo Valley National Park, herein KVNP is located in the north eastern section of Uganda, bordering South Sudan to the North and Kenya in the eastern environs. It is the most untapped & unexploited park yet holds great wildlife viewing potential. This is so because of its isolation in terms of distance travelled to get there which is over Eleven hours. There’s however an option to fly. Also various ways to cut the distance short are available with stop-overs in Gulu town or Kitgum town.

KVNP is a true gem with a huge wildlife abundance. It remains a true rendition of tourism in the pearl of Africa but remains unknown to majority. In numbers there are over 75 mammal species, 470 bird species.


KVNP is a 1,442km² of mostly rugged savannah ruled by 2,750m Mount Morugole and transected by the Narus and Kidepo Rivers. The park is undoubtedly one of Africa’s finest wilderness with appearances of some extinct species. Travelers to KVNP have opportunity to see among others; Lion prides, Leopard, Cheetah, Manelss Zebra, Kudus, Oryx, Buffalo herds, Elephants, Giraffes, Elands, Roan Antelopes, Jackals, Striped Hyenas, Reedbucks, Uganda Kobs, duikers, Ostriches and waterbucks. Rhinos were hunted into extinction otherwise this is a land where the big five resided in the 1980’s. it is advisable to use a customized safari vehicle in this park and also have the services of an experienced guide during a game drive.

The Karamojong are the natives of the Karamoja region within which KVNP resides. They are traditional pastoralists who live the nomadic lifestyle. They have reclined self to live in cow dung homesteads also popularly known as the Manyatta. It’s quite exciting to visit the Manyattas and learn more about the culture of these natives. Visitors can also visit the lk, one of the most reclusive tribes in Uganda who still live in a very traditional manner in relative seclusion high atop Morungole Mountain.