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Kidepo Valley

The Park unfolds as a rugged and remote jewel, captivating adventurers with its untamed beauty. Renowned for its vast savannas, dramatic landscapes, and diverse wildlife, Kidepo offers an authentic African safari experience like no other.

A secluded wildlife haven, offers a raw safari adventure with towering elephants and agile cheetahs roaming its expansive plains. Escape the crowds and discover the unexpected oasis of Kanangorok Hot Springs, where serene natural pools provide a relaxing contrast to the arid landscape. Embark on game drives through Narus Valley, spotting buffalo, Nubian giraffes, and zebras against the vast horizon. Connect with indigenous communities, immersing yourself in their traditions and vibrant dances. Hike the Lomej Mountains for panoramic views, witnessing the sun’s warm glow over Narus Valley as the day transitions into a canvas of hues. Perfect for those seeking an alternative route, Kidepo promises an unspoiled and unforgettable experience.

Popular Activities

Game Drives

Witness diverse wildlife on thrilling savanna expeditions.

Kanangorok Hot Springs

Relax in natural pools amid arid landscapes.

Narus Valley Safari

Encounter buffaloes, giraffes, and zebras on scenic drives.

Cultural Immersion

Engage with locals, experience vibrant dances and traditions.

Lomej Mountains Hike

Explore rugged beauty, revel in panoramic park views.

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African Sunset Watch

Witness a breathtaking sky canvas over Narus Valley.

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