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Murchison Falls

In the serene northwest of Uganda, Murchison Falls Park unveils untouched wilderness and diverse wildlife. A sprawling reserve, it combines motorboat safaris, savanna expeditions, and chimpanzee tracking, offering solace in well-appointed lodges amid untamed beauty.

Embark on captivating motorboat safaris along the Nile’s gentle currents, observing the grace of resident hippos and sunbathing crocodiles. Savanna safaris offer encounters with Africa’s iconic species against breathtaking vistas. Delve into adventure with chimpanzee tracking for an intimate rendezvous with our closest relatives. Murchison Falls Park invites you to partake in a symphony of activities, ensuring an immersive experience in one of Uganda’s most pristine natural wonders. Beyond the wildlife, engage with local communities, including the Alur, Banyoro, and Acholi tribes, discovering their rich traditions and warm hospitality. This journey, where the untamed spirit of Africa eagerly awaits your discovery, is enriched by the vibrant cultures of the people who call this region home.

Popular Activities

Game drives

Spot lions, leopards, buffalo, and elephants.

Boat cruises

Stunning views of Murchison Falls and aquatic bird species.

Nature walks

See primates like the black and white colobus monkey.

Cultural encounters

Learn about the local culture and traditions.

Sport fishing

Catch Nile perch, catfish, and ferocious tiger fish.


Hike to the top of the falls and enjoy beautiful scenery.

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Gorillas, Chimps & Game Safaris

Places to stay in Murchison

Discover rustic jungle cottages or boutique lodges in Murchison Falls, ensuring enchanting moments matching the destination's allure.

Pakuba Safari Lodge

Murchison Falls NP

Sambiya River Lodge

Murchison Falls NP

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