Queen Elizabeth NP in western Uganda is the most accessible savannah reserve of the country with a 5-6h drive from Kampala. The park is 1,978km² mainly open savannah vegetation with river Ishasha and Lake Edward to the west along the Congolese border. A total of 95 mammal species has been recorded in QENP, 10 primate species, and ….bird species. The park is home to over 10 crater lakes including a highly accessible cluster immediately north off the main road approaching Mweya Peninsula.


QENP is famed for tree climbing lions at Ishasha Plains and the not-to-miss boat cruise (also launch trip) on the Kazinga Channel. The channel is a 40km water stretch connecting Lakes George and Edward and daily scheduled boat rides are organized to go its mouth. From the boat wildlife can be seen to include elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, Uganda Kob, large hippos, giant forest hog. Water-birds are plentiful, in particular water thick-knee, yellow-billed stork, plovers, while pink-backed pelicans and white-bellied cormorants often flock on a sandbank near the channel mouth.

Apart from the game drives where lions, spotted hyena, antelopes will be seen and Kazinga channel launch cruise, visitors may also have an opportunity to see primates in the Kyambura Gorge. These include chimpanzees, vervet, blue-red tailed, and L’Hoest’s monkey, black-and-white colobus and olive baboon. Special arrangements can be made to allow for lion-tracking in the park, please contact us for apt planning.