At Dust Absolut Safaris we do our best to practice responsible tourism however small the impact may be. Every small step is important to us and we welcome feedback on how we can always do and be better.

We strive to have community projects, women and/or children involvement and wildlife awareness included in our safari packages. We also try to improve lifestyle by showing support through purchases of crafts/handy-work to increase inflow of cash and education where we can. By taking part in these community visits, these people are somewhat assured of a certain level of sustenance.

In certain cases, we offer support in terms of basic necessities

  • Be considerate of communities you visit
  • Make an effort to learn about the communities and their people
  • Respect cultural differences. Perhaps it helps to learn and appreciate it
  • Giving of pens, gifts to local children fosters a begging economy. Should you wish to donate, contact a local school or orphanage through us, to ensure these good gifts are distributed impartially.

For most, if not all national parks, there are stipulated guidelines to follow when in the wild. We visit wildlife for fun, leisure, relaxation and to create memories but we encourage you to follow all rules & regulations given. It is important to always recall, we are just visitors to wildlife.

Single use plastics are more than a hazard for our environment and are on the furthest negative end of sustainable tourism. We need to start and maintain the custom of re-usable bottles that can be used individually in the place of one-time use plastic bottles.

In this age and era where facial masks are a necessity, better to carry a washable face-mask to avoid the possibility of littering especially in the national parks or where wildlife resides.
Each small step towards a global sustainable future goes a long way.



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