Found in Tanzania


This park emerges as a hidden gem, a sanctuary of ancient baobab trees, meandering riverbeds, and an abundance of wildlife. Renowned for its diverse landscapes and large elephant herds, Tarangire offers a unique safari experience where nature unfolds in a spectacular display of beauty and biodiversity.

Witness the park’s iconic elephant herds, a spectacle that defines Tarangire’s wilderness. Marvel at these majestic creatures navigating the savanna, their silhouettes framed by ancient baobabs. Explore a landscape adorned with ancient baobab trees. Tarangire’s skyline is punctuated by the distinctive silhouettes of these “upside-down” trees, creating a surreal and photogenic setting.

Delight in over 500 bird species, from vibrant bee-eaters to powerful raptors. Tarangire’s diverse habitats, including swamps and woodlands, attract a myriad of avian wonders. Embark on game drives along the Tarangire River’s meandering paths. Observe wildlife congregating at the riverbanks, creating dynamic scenes of predator-prey interactions.

Participate in lion tracking expeditions. Tarangire is home to prides that roam the savanna, providing opportunities to witness their behavior in the wild. Engage with the local Maasai communities on the park’s fringes. Immerse yourself in their vibrant traditions, visit bomas, and gain insights into their pastoral way of life.

Popular Activities

Elephant Spectacle

Marvel at iconic herds in Tarangire's vast savanna.

Baobab Wonderland

Discover surreal landscapes adorned with ancient baobabs.

Birdwatching Bliss

Delight in 500+ bird species amid diverse habitats.

Riverbed Game Drives

Observe wildlife dynamics along Tarangire River's meanders.

Maasai Culture

Vibrant traditions and visit local Maasai communities.

Lion Tracking

Track prides roaming Tarangire's untamed wilderness.

Sample Itineraries

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Ndutu Calving Season & Serengeti Migration
Western Corridor Wildebeest Migration
The Mighty Serengeti Migration

Places to stay in Tarangire

Discover rustic jungle cottages or boutique lodges in Tarangire, ensuring enchanting moments matching the destination's allure.

Kilima Moja

Lake Manyara

Eileen’s Tree Inn


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