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Virunga National Park unfolds as a treasure trove of biodiversity and a testament to Africa's untamed beauty. As the continent's oldest national park, Virunga stands as a sanctuary where volcanic landscapes, lush forests, and diverse wildlife converge, offering a unique and immersive experience for adventurers and conservation enthusiasts alike.

Renowned for critically endangered mountain gorillas, offers a rare chance to witness these majestic primates in their habitat. Gorilla trekking not only inspires awe but aids vital conservation efforts. Explore volcanic landscapes with Nyiragongo’s lava lake, inviting intrepid travelers for a night-time spectacle. Wildlife safaris reveal diverse ecosystems from Lake Edward’s shores to expansive savannas, harboring elephants, hippos, and vibrant bird species. Virunga’s commitment to conservation ensures the preservation of these natural wonders. Cruise Lake Edward for serene moments amid dynamic environments, observing diverse birdlife. Engage with local communities to delve into the region’s rich cultural tapestry, fostering connections with wildlife coexisting harmoniously.

Popular Activities

Gorilla Trekking

Encounter endangered mountain gorillas in their habitat.

Volcanic Night Adventures

Ascend Nyiragongo for a mesmerizing lava lake.

Wildlife Safaris

Explore diverse ecosystems, encountering elephants, hippos, and birds.

Boat Cruises

Serene safaris along tranquil waters, rich in birdlife.

Cultural Engagements

Engage with local communities, discovering their rich heritage.

Conservation Insights

Learn about sustainable initiatives protecting Virunga's natural wonders.

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Western Lowland Gorillas – Congo

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