We have teamed up with the best travel advisors to bring you excellent experiences whether it be travel planning, photographic expertise, or Cultural engagements. Our team’s passion for the African Bush feeds our ability to match an individual with an encounter and both will be entwined. Talk to us, We are ready to listen.


At a tender age, our team leaders were privileged to be introduced to cross-border travel within East Africa, when they visited family. The blessing & presence of family spread (distributed) across the region made this possible. It was until later on that they realized these journeys fashioned love for tourism, rooted deep inside their hearts. With that love came flexibility, attention to detail, creativity, and a clear understanding of travelers’ needs.
Now with over 15 years of tourism experience and exposure, they have decided to help travelers connect to their desired destinations through a reliable Tour & Activity agency in the land. We have a proven ability to deliver Luxury Safaris in a timely fashion.

We immensely value our environment and believe tourism depends on all aspects whether Economic, Social and Environmental features of responsible development. To ensure that we travel in the future, we must take steps to preserve what we have now. In a way we must find balance between travelling and respecting the planet at the same time.

In today’s world, sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adjusting our practices. We are glad to be part of the journey, a small slice at a time. Conserving for generations means steadfastly contributing positively to the quality of lives of the communities, four and two-footed alike.

..conserving for generations..


Wherever you choose to travel with Dust Absolut Safaris, you will enjoy the best of East Africa’s Wildlife, Stunning Nature, Landscape, Plants, and Birds in the company of our expert guidance. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy all these in comfort, staying in pleasant lodges that we have chosen for your desired luxury safari holidays!

Safari designing to us involves gathering the finest ideas from far and wide, and this encompasses the help of our professional safari guides who possess real-time information. Our familiarities guarantee a high level of itinerary plan. Wherever you choose to explore with Dust Absolut Safaris, you will enjoy the best of Primates, birdlife, Big Cats, Culture, and Landscapes in Comfort, Coziness, and Cheer.

Beyond coming face to face with wildlife, we strive to live in a world where in wonderful Landscapes, exceptional cultures live in perfect harmony with wildlife.



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